My Experience with CryoSculpting – Amazing!

By Nancy Haverson CEO South Florida


It was a term I had never heard of until recently. I learned about Cool Sculpting from my dermatologist’s office and I liked the idea of melting away belly fat but I thought it was ridiculously expensive. When I heard about Delray Beach Cryo's CryoSculpting technology and how easy and affordable it was I decided to give it a try. I have always put on weight in my abdominal area. As a women, hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy and middle age made it worse. Dieting and exercise helped but as soon as I gained a few pounds back it was right there on my tummy. It’s so frustrating to never feel confident or good about your midsection; to not be able to wear certain clothes or swim suits.

I have to say I was a little nervous about the procedure but Stephanie & Brooke the Aesthetician assistants were so knowledgeable and professional and kind that she put me at ease. As a former critical care nurse I’m always thinking of possible side effects or pain but my first CryoSculpting session was a breeze! It’s very similar to having an ultrasound; gel is applied to the area and then a wand is moved around the treatment zone. First, it’s warm for a while and then it’s cold like an ice cube being moved over your stomach. There is some gentle pressure with the wand but it’s absolutely painless. It was actually a relaxing thirty-minute session. After it’s complete, the area is massaged, the gel removed and you’re ready to go! I felt fine and was told to not eat any carbs for several hours afterward and to drink lots of water. So easy!!! I actually lost 1.5 inches after the first treatment as Stephanie measured me before and after. I could feel and see a difference immediately and my jeans fit better! 

For a few days afterward I did feel a very slight tenderness but that was it!  As the days passed I definitely saw more slimming and toning effects. You must wait two weeks between sessions on the same area with Cryosculpting Slimming but can get different areas done in between. I’m also getting my inner and outer thigh areas done and am loving the results. My dermatologist quoted me $4,000 for my abdomen and hips and at Delray Beach Cryo it is $1,500 for 5 sessions (abdomen & hips) for a similar result. That’s a huge savings!!! 

After finishing my second abdominal and hip area session and I can really see my midsection getting more definition and tone. It’s slimmer now and my little hip cushions of fat are so much less on both sides. I’m really happy with the results. Stephanie is such an excellent technician and the office is spotlessly clean and upscale, I really look forward to my sessions. I can’t wait to try the stand up Whole Body Cryo Sauna Machine that is touted to be excellent for reducing inflammation. I also want to try the CryoSculpting Toning Facial for $150 to brighten and tone my face. Excited to feel like I’m finally going to get rid of this belly fat for good!!!! (I know I have to keep exercising and watching my diet to do so, sigh…)

It’s been really great noticing that my clothes are fitting much better and my tummy feels more toned and slimmer as I continued my third and fourth session just after the Christmas holidays! Usually this is a challenging time with all of the extra eating and celebrations but with CryoSculpting I sailed right through feeling and looking confident.

After now finishing my fifth and final session last week I definitely feel that it was well worth it. I lost inches that diet and exercise wouldn’t budge and believe me I tried. I feel better about my body and my clothes fit better, I even got myself some new ones! My friends have all commented and asked what I have been doing differently. Of course I told them about CryoSculpting. This is a quick, easy and affordable way to look your best. I highly recommend Delray Beach Cryo and the entire team!!!!