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Get rid of unwanted fat without surgery or downtime. CryoSculpting is the most innovative and versatile anti-aging device on the market from Europe. This advanced non-invasive treatment solution for slimming and toning helps to eliminate localized fat, reduce cellulite, as well as tone and tighten the skin. Treatments are typically applied to areas such as the stomach, love handles, under arms, bra-line, glutes, double chin, inner or outer thighs, legs, stomach, face. Quick and convenient treatments last between 20-30 minutes, with no recovery time. CryoSculpting has all the fat loss benefits without any lasting side effects or discomfort. Both slimming and toning treatments are safe, painless alternatives to traditional surgical and body sculpting procedures. Clients may see an immediate change with both of these treatments, but the average person will see optimal results after three to six sessions. Some require three to six sessions over several weeks or months to see their best results. Once results are achieved, they can be maintained with healthy nutrition and exercise.

Unlike other treatments, CryoSculpting uses science that works with your body’s natural systems. The hot-cold Peltier effect kills adipose tissue by inducing lipolysis – the breaking down of fat cells – to reduce body fat without damaging surrounding tissue and increases oxygen supply that aids in collagen production, resulting in slimmer, toned bodies, and the elimination of fine lines and wrinkles.

CryoSculpting Toning Facial

Cryoskin Non Surgical Face Lift
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  • Natural, non-invasive
  • Reduces wrinkle and pore size appearance
  • Improves skin elasticity 
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Feel relaxed and invigorated
  • Look younger and more radiant

CryoSculpting Toning Facial, also called the “mini-facelift” treatment, takes 20 minutes and utilizes only cold therapy to increase local tissue metabolism and increase local blood circulation. The treatment is utilized to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten and tone the skin providing a natural alternative to botox. CryoToning facials also reduces pore size and improves the elasticity of the skin. Through vasoconstriction on the surface of the skin, an increase in microcirculation leads to enhanced collagen. This treatment results in a tightened, lifted and toned appearance to the skin. Ideal clients are struggling with fine lines and wrinkles, rosacea, large pores and sagging skin around the jawline.  

CryoSculpting Toning

  • Natural, non-invasive
  • Boosts collagen production
  • Breaks down cellulite
  • Toned, smooth, and dimple free skin

CryoSculpting Toning helps diminish the appearance of cellulite while also toning and tightening the skin. Most commonly used for the legs and arms, the 20-minute treatment uses only cold therapy at -2ºC causing local metabolism and microcirculation to improve the treated area. This boosts the production of collagen which eliminates cellulite, tones the area, and improves skin elasticity.

CryoSculpting Slimming

Cryosculpting slimming
  • Natural, non-invasive
  • Destroys fat cells
  • Lose inches
  • Immediate results

CryoSculpting Slimming uses thermoelectric cooling to crystalize fat cells, leading to cell death of the subcutaneous fat tissue without damaging the overlying skin layer. The 28-minute treatment begins with 4 minutes of heat at 40ºC , followed by 24 minutes of cold at -2ºC, applied evenly across the treatment areas. The destroyed cells then pass naturally through the body’s lymphatic system and excretion processes over the next two weeks. Following up with hydration, exercise, and proper nutrition will help to optimize the process.

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This 20-Minute Treatment Made My Cellulite Disappear

And it basically felt like getting a massage.
By Ashley Mateo


Cryosculpting: Cryoskin & T-Shock Cryo

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